100 American Style Blue Solo Cups

For the biggest (and wildest) parties, these blue American Style Blue Solo Cups are a perfect option. For just £15.50 you can supply your party-goers with endless hours of fun with these re-usable statement cups.
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If you're hosting a massive party, but are now frantically wondering how everyone will drink their alcohol, don't panic - we’ve got your back. These original American style 100 Blue Solo cups are perfect for any parties, especially American themed ones. 
The blue colouring is a quirky take on the original red coloured solo cups, so you can find joy in watching your friends trying to figure out how they recognise these cups. When matched with our red solo cups, the blue and red mixture creates an authentic American theme, giving a subtle nod to the American flag. 
Unlike other plastic cups, these American style blue cups are strong and durable, capable of holding multiple pints of beer. Ideal for endless nights of fun, or beer pong tournaments, these cups will ensure the only place your drink ends up is in your belly. 
The style of the cup acts as a handy guideline for your drink measurements also, so you will never make the mistake of filling your cup to the brim with liquor or only pouring half an ounce of beer. Don't tell us we don't look after you.