100 American Style Red Solo Cups

Looking to host an epic American style party? These iconic Red Solo cups are the key to making your party authentically American. For just £15.50, these cups are sure to keep the party going until the sun comes up.
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Whether you’re planning a huge American style party or hoping to host a beer pong tournament of epic proportions, these original red American style cups are just what you need. Since making an appearance in near enough every televised frat style American party, these red cups are a reminder of every epic party you’ve ever wanted to go to. 
Built purposefully, these cups are strong and versatile, alongside ideal for filling with multiple drinks or playing rather intense games of beer pong. Their shape and strength ensures than they will not be taken down by an army of beer pong balls. They can hold up to 12 ounces of beer happily, and maybe even more if you want to make a game of beer pong particularly difficult!
The American style cups are helpfully shaped to help you measure your alcohol correctly, too. The bottom line is a guideline for liquor, the second line is a guideline for wine and the third from the top a guideline for beer. A true superhero of a cup, it even looks after you when you’re incapable. 
If your party has crept up without you noticing, these cups are also available for next day delivery if you order before 2pm. Let the beer pong elves take care of your order and help you make your party truly epic.