50 American Style Blue Solo Cups

For an authentically American style party, our pack of 50 x Large Blue Cups should be more than enough to cater for your guests. For just £8.00 their durable qualities make them suitable for reusing, and ideal for games like beer pong.
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This pack of 50 American Style Blue Solo Cups is sure to make any party authentically American! An alternative to the traditional red cups, these re-usable blue cups complete the American flag colouring to any American style party. Perfect for parties, barbecues, celebration of American events or most importantly, beer pong. 
These beer pong cups' large size and durable plastic makes them sturdy enough to hold down the fort when any beer pong balls land in them from afar. With these American style cups, you should have no problem with spillage or split cups! Capable of holding up to 12 ounces of beer, the lines that surround the cup display a handy guideline for how much you should have of each alcoholic beverage. 
The bottom line is a guideline for liquor (we are aware that you’ll break it), the second line is a guideline for wine and the third line is an example of a refreshing pint of beer. If you are playing beer pong, it is best to fill the cup up to the last but one line, to keep the balance of the cup!
We also provide super speedy next day delivery if you’re hoping to host an impromptu American style party tomorrow. We’re here to help you make your party extra special.