50 American Style Red Solo Cups

A staple of all American parties, these original 50 American Style Red Solo Cups are sure to add a taste of the USA to any party. For just £8.00 you can have hours of fun pretending to be in a teen flick frat party.
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Do these red cups look familiar to you? We’re going to say your answer is most likely a yes! Considering these American style red solo cups have made an appearance in numerous American teen flick comedies, it’s hard to not associate them with all things American. 
To make any party, barbecue or celebration American themed, these statement red cups are sure to add an authentic touch of the USA. And come on, admit it, you know just how great these cups will look in all of your party photos. 
These American style red solo cups are durable and reusable, making them perfect to play an iconic game of beer pong at your party. The sturdy plastic ensures the cups will hold the precious beer in place while you launch ping pong balls at it. They’re loyal to you like that. 
The cups also contain helpful guidelines as to how much alcohol you should pour into them. The bottom line displays how much liquor the red cups should hold, the line above that is for wine enthusiasts and the third from the top is best followed by beer drinkers. The lines closer to the top are best used when playing beer pong (how close you get to the top depends on how precious your floor is). 
To make any party perfectly American, order these cups today and get them tomorrow. As soon as you press ‘checkout’ our beer pong elves will head on their way to your front door.