Pack of 5 Branded Beer Pong Balls

We know how easy it is to lose your beer pong balls after a rowdy night, so here’s a backup lot for you. For £2.30 get a pack of 5 branded beer pong balls, all the perfect weight and size for launching into cups.
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Losing the beer pong balls from your beer pong kit is a disaster above all else. How else will you show your friends you are master champion of the beer pong? How will you be able to look them in the eye again? Not to fear! With our pack of 5 branded beer pong balls, you can solve this mishap and keep hold of your beer pong crown. 
Losing things come naturally after any particularly rowdy night. Your keys, your phone, your sense of dignity. But now you can make sure you never lose your beer pong balls again. If you’re having a rather large party or beer pong tournament, we would recommend having some backup beer pong balls alongside the two that come with your kit, so everyone can get involved in the fun. 
The light and aerodynamic quality of these balls make them perfect for your beer pong games. Slightly bouncy, you can use them to put your skills to the test, too (or to show off).  Their size makes them perfect for throwing into our iconic Red Solo Cups without knocking them over. Sticky floors will be a thing of the past with these perfectly designed beer pong balls.