Hen Party Beer Pong

This Hen Party beer pong set is the key to making any hen do successful. The set contains 14 x beer pong cups, 2 x ping pong balls, 12 x exciting dare cards and all the instructions you need for a truly wild night!
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You’ve got the drinks, you’ve got the decorations, but have you got the games? This Hen Party Beer Pong set is truly the icing on the (wedding) cake for any Hen Do! 
Everyone knows a hen do is the bride's last night of freedom, so make it one to remember by getting the competitive spirit flowing! This game is an especially good ice breaker if your hen party is a mixture of different groups of friends. Before a night out on the town, there's no better way to bond than by finding out everyone's deepest and darkest secrets.
How to Play: 
  • Split the party into two teams: the bride-to-be and the rest of the hens. The bride-to-be has to be the star of the show after all, but this doesn't mean the hens have to go easy on her!
  • In true beer pong fashion, arrange the cups into triangles and place the two teams at opposite ends of the table. Use a bowling pin formation of 3 cups, 2 cups and 1 cup. 
  • Each team will then attempt to throw the balls into their opponents cups. If the ball lands in a cup, the owner of that cup must drink the contents and ALSO take a dare card. 
  • They must then follow the instructions – no exceptions. It’s safe to say you’ll all be closer as friends once you’ve found out everyone’s most embarrassing secrets or witnessed their faking an orgasm skills. 
  • The cards are separated into 6 for the bride and 6 for the hens, so make sure you take the right one! When one team runs out of cards, the winners can then choose a final dare for the losing team. Make it as embarrassing as you like, there are no rules here!
14 x Beer Pong Cups
2 x Ping Pong Balls
12 x Dare Cards
The Box with Instructions on How to Play