Original Beer Pong Kit

Ever wanted to join in with this iconic American game? Of course, you have! This fantastic beer pong kit includes 12 beer pong cups, 2 beer pong balls and all the instructions you need to play.
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Have you got a competitive streak? This Original Beer Pong Kit is sure to bring it out in you! For a night to remember (or not remember, depending on how the game goes), this beer pong kit quite simply has everything you need. With cups in both red and blue, this set is ideal for two team action and includes everything you could need for a wild night. You’ll need to BYOB, though!

We don’t want to boast, but this Original Beer Pong Kit is sure to make you the talk of the town. Friends will swarm you, strangers will want to be you, the children will sing about you… we may be getting a little ahead of ourselves, but we can say with certainty, this beer pong kit is certain to make any night ridiculously fun.

This originally American game has become widely adopted by Brits everywhere, especially loved amongst University students, and it’s not hard to see why. Simple yet brutal by nature, this game is sure to appeal to every member of the party.

Here are a few rules on how to play:

  • Place the blue and red cups in a triangle formation at opposing ends of the table.
  • Set the two wash cups somewhere safe. You’ll be surprised by how much you need this when the game starts to intensify.
  • Split the party into two teams, and decide who is going to be your shooter and lead the team to victory.
  • The shooters will then engage in a battle to try and get a beer pong ball into the rival teams cups.
  • If a ball does land in a cup, whoever is the owner of the cup has to down the contents! Make sure you fill it with a beer you don’t mind remembering the morning after.
  • When one team is left without any cups, they're declared the losers and the other team will be crowned the beer pong masters, one of the highest-ranking badge of honour.


6 x Red Beer Pong Cups

6 x Blue Beer Pong Cups

2 x Wash Cups

2 x Beer Pong Balls

Box with Instructions on How to Play

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