Strip Beer Pong Set

Fancy a sexier alternative to traditional beer pong? Strip Beer Pong is exactly what you need. This set has everything you need to play, including the 14 beer pong cups, 2 beer pong balls and a special strip pong spinner.
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You know what they say: ‘Beer Pong is the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off’. (Okay, that may not be entirely accurate, but we stand by it) What if you could combine those two things together? Our Strip Pong Set is here to do just that. If you have ever played a game of beer pong and thought this needs a bit more ‘sexy’ - your dreams have come true with this steamier version of beer pong. An ideal game to play as a couple, or if you’re brave enough, with your friends!

Simple and incredibly fun, all you need to do is play a traditional game of beer pong but each time your opponent throws a ball in one of your cups you have to spin the strip pong spinner and follow its directions! This can be anything from a sexy striptease, to a ‘doggy style’ shot between your legs.

This strip beer pong set is a guaranteed way to make a traditional game of beer pong far more interesting.

Here’s a few tips on how to play:

  • Fill 12 cups with your favourite beverage (we would recommend beer, as it is, you know… in the name)
  • Leave two cups to fill with water. You can use these to clean up when things get a bit sticky.
  • Place the cups like puns in a ten-pin bowling alley: a row of three, a row of two, and a single. Make sure they’re touching. Place the strip pong spinner in the centre of the table too.
  • If it’s just the two of you, take a ball each and attempt to throw, toss or bounce into your rival team’s cups. If it’s more than two, choose your ‘shooter’ to take one for the team.
  • If a ball lands in a cup, you must drink the contents and then take a turn on the strip pong spinner. You must then remove an item of clothing following the directions of the spinner.
  • Once all of the cups on one side are gone (and most of their clothing too), the losing team must also drink all the remaining beverages on the table! We never said we weren’t cruel.


14 x Beer Pong Cups

2 x Balls

1 x Strip Pong Spinner

Box with Instructions on How to Play