Twist Pong Set

If you’ve mastered the traditional game of beer pong, this Twist Pong Set is a refreshing twist on a classic game! Comes with 7 x red cups, 7 x blue cups, 2 x pong balls and twist pong spinner.
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Twist Pong is the new and exciting way to play beer pong with a twist! If you fall victim to a pong ball in your cup, the only thing you can do is spin the spinner and do what it says. No exceptions. We’re sorry, we don’t make the rules. (We do.)
Twist Pong is everything you’ve been looking for if you’ve ever longed to shake up the traditional version of beer pong. Beer Pong was originally played with paddles, which over time turned into throwing, so twist pong is the next step in the history of beer pong.
All you need to do is set your items up for a usual game of beer pong, and take it in turns to throw a ball in your opponent’s cups. Once you manage to sink a ball, this is when the twist takes centre stage! If your opponent’s ball lands in one of your beer cups, you have to spin the spinner and follow its rules. Here’s what you could be up against: 
Buzzkill: You must skip your next turn (a traditional act of the party pooper)
Trick: You must do a trick shot on your next go. You could throw it over your shoulder, or between your legs – get creative!
Switch: Both teams must swap ends of the table. 
1up: Perhaps one of the nicer rules. Refill one of the cups you lost and place it back on the table. 
Dizzy: Add to the intoxication buzz by spinning on the spot 8 times before your next shot. If you can manage to get one of your opponent’s cups after this, we applaud you. 
Go Long: You must take 3 steps back before your next go. 
Double up: With this rule, you have to drink the cup your opponent just hit as well as one other cup of your choosing. 
Safety:  For a bit of relief, you do nothing on this rule. You also do not lose the cup that has just been hit. Winner!
Sound like fun? You can be the talk of the party by getting your own set now.
7 Red Cups
7 Blue Cups
2 Pong Balls
Twist Pong Spinner
Box with Instructions on How to Play