Ultimate American Style Beer Pong Set

This ultimate American style beer pong set is sure to make any night complete! Includes 12 beer pong cups, 2 beer pong balls and all the instructions you need to play.
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This Ultimate American style beer pong set has everything you could possibly need to play this iconic American game (except the beer, of course – we can’t do it all).

Beer Pong is one of the staples of all things American, like apple pies and the statue of liberty. The game has made an appearance in near enough every teen flick American movie, only just surpassing Zac Efron. You’d be telling fibs if you said you didn’t want to join in every time those red cups came into view. Well, now you can live out your dreams with this fantastic beer pong set!

This set provides you with everything you could possibly need, including the instructions on how to play the game (because we know how easy it is to forget after the other team have sunk a few). So, get ready to join in and sink it or drink it!

Here are a rough guide on how to play:

  • Split the 12 beer pong cups in this beer pong set into two triangles of 6 either end of the table.
  • Fill the cups with your favourite beer (one you won’t mind downing in one go)
  • Divide your party into two teams. Choose a ‘shooter for each team’.
  • The shooter has to try and get a ping pong ball in any of their opponent’s cups. If they do, their rival has to polish off the contents of the cup.
  • Sound simple? It is - but try playing it after you’ve lost a couple of cups!

A few things to keep in mind: be clear on what happens if a ball bounces, rules tend to differ on this. Ensure each player takes aim with their elbows behind the edge of the table. Each side has the opportunity to rearrange the cups twice as the numbers fall, so choose your time carefully!


14 x Red Beer Pong Cups

2 x Beer Pong Balls

Box with Instructions on How to Play

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