Party Beer Pong Set

Hosting a party? This party beer pong set guarantees that every party-goer will be suitably merry in no time at all. Comes with 24 party forfeit cards, 14 beer pong cups, 2 balls and all the instructions you need to play.
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Meet Party Beer Pong, Beer Pong’s slightly crazier cousin. Similar in method to beer pong but with the extra kick that gets everyone in the party playing! Rather than only two people playing at once, this party beer pong involves every single party-goer. 
No party is complete without drinking games, but there's only so many times you can play ring of fire. Wondering how you can involve everyone at a massive house party? No worries, we’ve got you covered. This party beer pong set will have everyone’s heads spinning in no time. 
How to Play: 
  • Place 12 cups out and fill 10 of them with a beer of your choosing and 2 with plain old water (don’t worry, you won’t have to drink the water - this is just to stop things getting sticky). With 6 cups at each end, arrange the cups into a triangle formation. 
  • Choose 2 people to be ‘shooters’. The chosen ones should then stand at the opposite ends of the table. The rest of the party should then move to form a circle around the table.
  • The chosen shooters should then play traditional beer pong and take it in turns to throw the balls into the other shooter’s cups. (Sounds quite familiar so far, doesn’t it?)
  • Now here’s the bit that puts the ‘party’ into beer pong party game. If a ball lands in a cup, the owner of the cup has to drink the contents and read out a party forfeit card. Every person at the party HAS to join in with this! We won’t give everything away, but one of the cards requires everyone to become superman. The last person to do so has to take a drink of your choosing.
  • After everyone has done the party forfeit, you can continue to play the game until it is impossible to see straight!
24 x Party Forfeit Cards
14 x Beer Pong Cups
2 x Balls
Box with Instructions on How to Play