Call us bias, but when we are looking for party drinking games we just can't imagine a world without Beer Pong. It's a game that brings everyone together, before tearing them apart, but still, it's tradition. A bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone, which is exactly why we added alcohol into the mix. But it's not as simple as just whipping out any old Beer Pong, no sir, it's all about getting the right Beer Pong for the right party. So when it comes to party drinking games, here are some of our favourites:


The Original Beer Pong


Aah yes, the game that started it all, a classic. Originating in America, it wasn't long before us Brits picked up on it. A friendship-testing crowd pleaser if there was ever one, Beer Pong

The Party Pong

It's in the name, it's BUILT for the purpose of partying. The twist with Party Pong is with every successful throw, the opponent not only has to drink the contents of his or her cup, they also have to carry out the forfeit that appears on the bottom. Great fun for everyone, even the losers. 

The Twist Pong

A twist on a classic! No really, there's a twister...thats the point... get it? Twist Pong is your party pick if you like making things harder for no reason! Who doesn't love a challenge during a drinking game? After successfully sinking a ball you have to spin the twister and follow the rules. That simple, right? 

The Hen Party Pong

Specifically made for the bride-to-be, this party drinking game is great fun at a Hen Party! If it's time to get all your hens in a row, this is the perfect way to get the girls bonding - even if they aren't all familiar with each other! This is a great way to get everyone into the party spirit. 


Whatever Pong you choose you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time playing. Doesn't it just give you a warm feeling inside bringing people together with Beer Pong? Okay, it might be the alcohol, but close enough. If you have any questions about any of products feel free to get in touch with us today by emailing