Love Island Drinking Game

It's that time of the year again when the Flak is back and Love Island graces our screens for another summer of sun-filled drama! Despite the new series only being a few days old, we're already loving the new islanders, the early drama and of course, the memes! With more islanders due to come in over the coming weeks, we're sure to see plenty more texts, skinny jeans and muggin' off, with all plans being cancelled for a nightly trip to the villa! 

With this in mind, we've decided to create a Love Island Drinking Game so you can enjoy both of your favourite things at the same time. We asked our office Love Island experts, to come up with the most drinkable occasions of the series so far:  

Take a drink whenever: 

The camera shows an islander in the shower

Eyal starts getting 'deep'

Caroline Flack actually makes an appearance 

Anyone mentions 'muggy' or being 'pied off'

Someone has to 'graft' harder

A couple get into a fight

Someone says 'they just want to be friends'

 Someone says 'you know what I mean?'

Someone says 'they're my type on paper'


Take two drinks whenever: 

Someone says 'it's called LOVE island, not FRIEND island'

Dani mentions she's 'Danny Dyer's daughter'

Islanders talk about having sex on camera

Someone is naked on camera

Sexual action in the bedroom

Someone shouts 'I GOT A TEXT!' 


Take a SHOT whenever: 

The show throws in another jaw-dropping twist

Jack's teeth are mentioned

New people enter the Vila (one shot for each person)

Hayley says something stupid 

Someone mentions they may have dated someone famous

Someone says they don't care about winning the money, they're all about the love

Islanders are seen having a 'heart-to-heart' around the fireplace

We hope you enjoy this Love Island Drinking game and if you can make it all the way through one episode without passing out, we applaud you! Why not make the occasion all the more special with some of our Drinking Accessories to accompany you during your night of fun?!