Halloween Drinking Games

So the spooky season is upon us, meaning it's time to prepare for Halloween. We love to party here at Beer Pong, and not that we NEED an excuse, but Halloween is still a fun one. Unfortunately, 'Trick or Treating' is a bit creepy once you get past a certain age (sad but true) so you may want to think of a different way to get into the SPIRIT of things (get it? Halloween? Alcohol???). If you're throwing a party or attending one you'll be wanting some seasonal twists and we are here to help.

So here's our list of our favourite Halloween drinking games

Alcoholic Bobbing for Apples

A classic Halloween party game but with a twist. We all loved this game as a kid, but we aren't children anymore! It's time to add more to this already challenging game. The same rules apply, fill up a bucket with your chosen drink, whether it's a Halloween punch or just plenty of beer (try not to get it in your eyes, obviously). Then add some apples. The aim is to get an apple out of the bucket only using your mouth. Then you have to take as many drinks from the bucket as it took minutes to get the apple (one minute, one drink, etc). 

Wrap the Mummy

Another great Halloween game with a boozy twist. Spilt yourself into two teams, each elects one person to be the mummy, everyone else on the team has to wrap. The aim is to use toilet roll tissue to completely wrap your 'mummy' before the other team does. Harder than it sounds with fragile toilet paper and dizziness. The losing team all have to down their drinks - one for all, all for one as it were.

Halloween Beer Pong

So what makes this beer pong more special than other beer pong? Well, we mean... well to be honest... We just really love Beer Pong okay! To make this game more festive it's all about how you dress it up, we can provide you with the basics, you Halloween it up - deal? Use Halloween gummy treats in drinks, draw eyeballs on the pong balls, spooky coloured alcohol and table decorations to get you feeling creepy. Everyone always loves a game of Beer Pong. 


We hope you enjoy your Halloween drinking games! If you need any beer pong accessories we have a whole range to choose from! All of our products are crowd pleasers so don't miss out looking through our best sellers.