Beer Pong Cups and Balls

If you love beer pong (and why wouldn't you love beer pong?) then you'll be well aware of what is involved in putting a match on. Although we have several Beer Pong Kits, sometimes you may just want the basics, and luckily this fun-filled game doesn't take much equipment, all you need is Beer Pong Balls and Beer Pong Cups

Now we know that you could use any old cup or ball, but there's something about have Beer Pong specific merchandise that really gets people into the beer spirit. To keep the beer flowing we have a selection of cups and balls so that you can top up your stock in time for the next get together. 

When it comes to Beer Pong cups we like to return to our roots, which is why we like the American-style cups that we all associate with the game. We stock blue and red cups in two different pack sizes, so choose what suits you below:

50 American style blue cups

50 American style red cups

100 American blue cups

100 American style red cups

We're quite proud of our balls here at Beer Pong, there's no question if they are for ping-pong or table tennis, these balls are for BEER PONG. These branded balls get everyone playing in the mood, which is why you should choose a pack for your game:

Pack of 5 branded beer pong balls

Pack of 10 branded beer pong balls


Now you should be fully prepared for your next Beer Pong battle! Of course, you can keep reusing your balls and cups as long as you keep them clean, but we do seem to lose track of cups and balls after a few rounds... so if you ever need more you know we are always happy to help. Be sure to check out of the rest of our Beer Pong related products to fully experience the game in all its glory!