Beer Pong Cups and Balls

If you love beer pong (and why wouldn't you love beer pong?) then you'll be well aware of what is involved in putting a match on. Although we have several Beer Pong Kits, sometimes you may just want the basics, and luckily this fun-filled game doesn't take much equipment, all you need is Beer Pong Balls and Beer Pong Cups

Now we know that you could use any old cup or ball, but there's something about have Beer Pong specific merchandise that really gets people into the beer spirit. To keep the beer flowing we have a selection of cups and balls so that you can top up your stock in time for the next get together. 

When it comes to Beer Pong cups we like to return to our roots, which is why we like the American-style cups that we all associate with the game. We stock blue and red cups in two different pack sizes, so choose what suits you below:

50 American style blue cups

50 American style red cups

100 American blue cups

100 American style red cups

We're quite proud of our balls here at Beer Pong, there's no question if they are for ping-pong or table tennis, these balls are for BEER PONG. These branded balls get everyone playing in the mood, which is why you should choose a pack for your game:

Pack of 5 branded beer pong balls

Pack of 10 branded beer pong balls


Now you should be fully prepared for your next Beer Pong battle! Of course, you can keep reusing your balls and cups as long as you keep them clean, but we do seem to lose track of cups and balls after a few rounds... so if you ever need more you know we are always happy to help. Be sure to check out of the rest of our Beer Pong related products to fully experience the game in all its glory!

In the days after uni, when the sight or mention of any cards sends shudders down your spine, drinking games without cards will be your saviour. If you still quite like cards, having some handy drinking games without cards on hand is always a great idea - just in case your pack of cards gets a bit sticky from years of drinking games! To help you with either of these situations, we've put together a list of some classic drinking games without cards, perfect for all drinking occasions.

Flip the Cup

Flip the cup is one of the best drinking games without cards, mainly because it is so easy to play. This game is great played in two teams of four or more. All you need is a long table, some solo cups, and your merrily intoxicated selves.

How to play: 

  • Each team lines up on opposite sides of the table. 
  • Every team member has half a cup of beer in front of them. 
  • The game starts when the two rivals at the end of the table 'cheers' their drinks together and downs the contents of the cup. 
  • Once either player is finished with their drink, they must place the empty cup on the end of the table and attempt to flip it upside down using only their fingers. 
  • If they fail at flipping the cup, they must keep trying until they have flipped it.
  • Once they have flipped the cup, the next player in their line can chug back their beer and start trying to flip their own cup.
  • The first team to have flipped all their cups wins. Simple, right! 

Drunk Jenga 

Jenga is usually a game to play with your family at Christmas - but not this version! All you'll need for this is some drinks and a game of jenga (you're sure to have one lounging around the house somewhere). This drinking game without cards is sure to have you on the edge of your seat.

How to Play: 

  • Start by stacking the jenga blocks. Place three together horizontally and then another three on top of that vertically. Keep going until all of the jenga blocks are in the jenga tower.
  • Pour everyone a drink. 
  • Start to play jenga! If you don't know how to play, we've put together a guide on how to play here.
  • When a player removes a block successfully they must choose another player to take a drink.
  • If a player causes the entire tower to fall, they must immediately down the contents of their entire drink. That's what you get for being clumsy! 

Never Have I Ever

An all time classic, Never Have I Ever is a game that lets you find out the most intimate details about your friends. All drinking game without cards requires is some drinks, questions that make you squirm, honest answers (and perhaps some knowledge of your friends dirty past to use as pointed Never Have I Ever rounds *ahem*).

How to play:

  • All players must sit in a circle with a drink of their choosing.
  • The first player starts by stating something they have never done (or have done, but they also have to drink if they have). For example, 'never have I ever kissed someone in this room'. 
  • All players who have done the deed must drink, all who have not are safe for this round. 
  • The game keeps going until every embarrassing secret your friends have are out in the open and you've all bonded over your shameful pasts. Perhaps not one to play with your significant other!


Similar to Never Have I Ever, this drinking game without cards only requires some drinks, well thought out questions and honest friends! 

How to Play:

  • All players sit in a circle with a drink of their choosing. (De-ja-vu) 
  • The first player starts by posing a question to the group, such as 'Who is most likely to go to jail once in their life?' or 'Who's the biggest lightweight?'. They can be as tame or pressing as you like!
  • All players then point at the member of the party who they think fits the description best. 
  • Each player then counts how many points they got, and has to drink that many sips. 

Beer Pong 

Of course, when discussing drinking games without cards, you can't miss out the ultimate beer pong! How to play beer pong is all over our website, but because we're nice, we'll explain it once more for you. 

How to play:

  • To make it easy for yourself, get one of our Beer Pong kits - suitable for all occasions. 
  • Place the cups in a triangular formation at opposing ends of the table.
  • Fill each cup with beer (as close to the brim as you like)
  • Split into two teams and choose a 'shooter' for each team. 
  • The shooter of each team takes their turn by taking a beer pong ball and attempting to throw it into their rivals cups.
  • If they do manage to get a ball in the cup, the opposing team member has to chug back the contents of that cup. 
  • The team that loses all their cups first lose the game and their rival team are then crowned beer pong winners!

For detailed rules and game variants when playing beer pong, just head to our site which will reveal all. We hope you enjoy these games and make sure you drink responsibly! 

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