Cards Against Humanity - the self-proclaimed "party game for horrible people" - is repulsive, tasteless, lowbrow, and exceptionally un-PC. It's also hilarious, and its simple rules and easy accessibility (not to mention all the headlines) are quickly establishing CAH as the go-to party game of our time.

Still, if you want to make your next game of Cards even MORE fun, we've come up with a few different drinking games that you can play alongside the main event. If there's one thing that makes crass black humour all the funnier, it's alcohol!

Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game (Basic Version)

  • At the end of each round, all players take a drink, except for a) the player who read out the last black card, and b) the player who won the last black card.

Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game (Advanced Version)

Same as the basic version, with the following additional rules:

  • Players may, at any time, get rid of any cards they don't want and replace them with new ones from the deck. However, if you choose to do this, you must take 1 sip for every card you exchange.

  • If the Card Czar (i.e. the person who read out the current black card) is torn between two or more answers, they may declare a 'tie'. The Card Czar selects the 2+ white cards that deserve to win; then, the players who submitted those cards must finish their drinks as quickly as possible. The first player to finish their drink wins the black card.

Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game (Chaotic Version)

Same as the advanced version, with the following additional rules:

  • At the end of each round, all players have the option to take an additional drink. If a player opts to pay this penalty, they may nominate another player; the nominated person may not replenish their hand back to 10 cards for the next round. Strategic use of this rule will leave your opponents with too few cards to make any decent jokes.

  • In the event of a 'Play 2' or 'Play 3' black card, players have the following option: once all players have submitted their white cards to the Card Czar (but before any of the cards have been read out), players may opt to take a drink. In return, this player may re-arrange the order of one opponent's cards, thus ruining their clever and hilarious answer.

  • When a black card is awarded at the end of a round, any player may immediately finish their drink in order to steal that black card from the winning player. If two or more people opt to finish their drinks, the first player to finish wins the black card.

Have fun, and if you need any more fun drinking stuff, check out our Best Sellers page!

Photo by Connie Ma

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