There’s nothing like an excuse to enjoy your favourite alcoholic beverage, and luckily there are plenty of reasons to celebrate throughout 2017! To help you plan your drinking diary, we’ve put together a handy calendar, which features international and national drink days for 2017!

While holidays such St Patrick’s Day and Christmas are often linked with celebratory drinks, there are also many international drink days which have been specifically created, to pay homage to the many alcoholic beverages we enjoy throughout the world. From wines to whiskeys, you’re sure to find the perfect excuse to enjoy your favourite tipple on our list!


Beer Can Appreciation Day

While many decide to lay off the booze after a heavy spell of drinking in December, in order to take part in ‘Dry January’, there are a few incentives for those of you who aren’t giving up your favourite boozy beverages! 

24th  Beer Can Appreciation Day

25th   National Irish Coffee Day



International Scotch Dy

Although, February may be month of romance, this certainly isn’t the same for everyone! In fact, we’re far more interested in enjoying a glass of our favourite red on ‘National Drink Wine Day’ 2017.

10th   International Scotch Day

18th   National Drink Wine Day

22nd   National Margarita Day

25th   Open That Bottle Night



Mulled Wine

Just because spring is on its way, this doesn’t mean that you have to leave your favourite drinks from the winter festivities behind! In fact ‘National Mulled Wine Day’ falls on the 3rd of March, giving you another chance to enjoy this warming favourite from the festive season!


3rd   National Mulled Wine Day

5th   National Absinthe Day



Sauvignon Blanc Day

We may be well into 2017 by April, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate the US holidays of ‘New Beers Eve’ and ‘National Beer Day, which are intended to mark the ‘beginning of the end’ for US prohibition in 1933.


7th   National Beer Day (US)

17th   Malbec World Day

24th   International Sauvignon Blanc Day



World Cocktail Day

In order to celebrate the warmer days and increased hours of sunlight, what better way could there be to enjoy the impending arrival of summer, than with a delicious cocktail? Luckily for us, ‘World Cocktail Day’ falls on the 13th of May, which is also a Saturday! This gives you the perfect opportunity to whip up your favourite cocktails at home, or to pay a visit to your favourite bar!


13th   World Cocktail Day

20th   World Whisky Day



Martini Day

June is a particularly booze-filled month for 2017, with lots of national drink days to choose from! So, whether you prefer a Jack on the rocks, a G&T, or an ice cold beer, you’re sure to find a date in June to suit your tastes!


10th   World Gin Day

14th   National Bourbon Day

15th   Beer Day Britain

19th   World Martini Day

21st   World Lambrusco Day



National Pina Coalda Day

To quote the famous song: ‘if you like Piña Coladas’, then July is definitely the month for you! The height of summer is the ideal time of year to enjoy this tropical cocktail, which is made with white rum and coconut cream.

10th   National Piña Colada Day

24th   National Tequila Day



Rum Day

By the time August arrives, we’ve already celebrated national beer days in both the UK and US, so we’re more than prepared for an International Beer Day for everyone to enjoy! Whether you’re more partial to an American Pale Ale or a Belgian Dark, the 5th of August is the perfect day to sample the beer offerings of the world!


5th   International Beer Day

16th   National Rum Day




Thought you’d had enough beer in August? Guess again! Munich Oktoberfest begins on the 16th of September 2017, and runs until the beginning of October, providing you with plenty of opportunities to grab a stein before the month is out!


15th   International Grenache Day

16th   First Day of Munich Oktoberfest



Champagne Day

The days may be getting darker and colder, but no need to worry; October 2017 has plenty of alcoholic beverage celebrations to help warm you up! From World Sake Day to Global Champagne Day, October provides a truly unique opportunity to celebrate our favourite drinks from around the world!

1st   World Sake Day

3rd   Last Day of Munich Oktoberfest

4th   National Vodka Day

16th   National Liqueur Day

19th   International Gin and Tonic Day

20th   Global Champagne Day



Beaujolais Nouveau Day

If you’re a fan of wine, then November is definitely the month for you! There are two international drink days to celebrate both the Merlot and Tempranillo grape varieties during the month of November, making it a great time to indulge in your favourite bottle of red!

7th   International Merlot Day

9th   International Tempranillo Day

16th   Beaujolais Nouveau Day



Larger Day

December isn’t all about Baileys and Glühwein! There’s more to this month than your favourite festive tipples, providing you with more opportunities to ‘drink and be merry’ throughout December.

4th   International Cabernet Franc Day

10th   National Lager Day

20th   National Sangria Day


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