If you're hosting a rather large party, you may be wondering what the best group drinking games are. Of course, there are the standard card games, but if the group is too big this might get a little difficult to keep track of. Simple, quick and hilariously fun group drinking games are what you need for this situation. 

To help ease your burden of hosting or being the allocated game master, we've put together our top 4 group drinking games. Perfect for any size group, these games will make your party a success in no time at all.


Medusa Group Drinking Game

What you need:

To play this group drinking game all you need is yourself and a table full of shots. 

How to play: 

Everyone sits (or stands if there's too many of you) around the table filled with shots. All players start with their eyes closed and on the count of three, everyone must open their eyes and look at another player. If you're looking at someone who is not looking at you, you narrowly avoid a shot. However, if you find that you and another player are looking directly at one another, you must shout 'medusa!' and take a shot. You can keep playing this game until someone taps out or all the shots are gone.


Slip it in

Slip It In Group Drinking Game

What you need:

Your merry self, some phrases, a drink and the ability to keep a straight face.

How to play:

This group drinking game requires no more ability than being able to think quick and keep a straight face. You also need to be capable of remembering (so don't get too intoxicated yet!). To start this game, the hosts of the party must devise a series of random phrases before guests arrive. As they do arrive, each member of this group drinking game must be handed a phrase. For example, a phrase may be 'I'm not very fond of pickled eggs' or 'I didn't like baby Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy 2'. The more controversial and random, the harder the game gets. 

After everyone has received their phrase, the game is in motion for the entirety of the night. All players must attempt to 'slip' their phrase into a conversation with no body noticing. If they say their phrase and five minutes pass without anybody noticing that they have said it, they get to choose someone to drink. If someone does call them out on it, then they have to drink!


Sixes Group Drinking Game

What you need:

For this group drinking game you will need a dice and six cups of vaired sizes. For example, one could be a shot glass, one a wine glass, one a pint glass, one a teacup, one a bowl and one a small vase. As long as you can drink out of it, it works!

How to play: 

Place the cups in a row and number them. Get your group of party-goes to gather around a take it in turns rolling the dice. Whatever number they get, they must drink from the corresponding cup (or vase)! You can fill the cups with whichever alcoholic drink you like. This is a great group game to get the party ball rolling. 


Beer Pong 

Beer Pong Group Drinking Game

What you will need:

The ultimate group drinking game, to play beer pong with a large group of people, you need 12 red solo cups, beer pong balls, a long table and plenty of beer. We would recommend getting it all in one place in one of our awesome beer pong kits, which you can find here

How to play: 

Set up the table by placing two sets of cups in a triangular formation on the opposing sides of each table. You can then fill the cups to the brim with beer, and begin playing. Divide the group into two teams and choose a shooter from each team. The shooter then has to attempt to get one of the beer pong balls into the opposing team's cups. If they succeed, their rivals have to drink the contents of the cup! To include everyone in this group drinking game you can also require all members of the team to drink when their team looses a cup. This game continues until one team has lost all of their cups and accepts defeat.

Here at Beer-Pong we also stock a variety of beer pong variations, such as our Party Beer Pong set. This game is an ideal group drinking game for parties, as when a ball lands in a cup, that team also has to read our a party forfeit card. This is a great way to get the party in full swing! 

To see our other beer pong variations, just head to our product page! Always make sure you drink responsibly and know your limits when playing group drinking games.

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