The philosophy of many drinking games may be 'the more the merrier', but this doesn't mean that your more intimate gatherings can't be just as fun! Next time you and your other half are sharing a drink, why not have a go at one of these fun drinking games designed for two? 


botltle caps

This game offers simple, lighthearted fun for couples who've just settled down to enjoy a refreshing beer (or another bottled beverage of your choice). Sit facing your partner, with enough distance between you to offer a challenge.

  • Decant your drinks into a cup, and save the bottle caps.
  • Place the cups either in front of you or at your side, and take turns at aiming to throw your bottle cap into the other person's cup.
  • Each time the cap lands successfully, the person must remove it and take a drink.
  • To add variety, create additional rules for missing, or for each shot in scored in succession (e.g. two shots in a row = two sips on the second successful shot, three sips for three, and so on...)

NOTE: Please be careful when playing this game! Don't turn your night of romance into a night in A&E by swallowing the cap...

Film Cues 


Variations of this game are a simple but often hilarious way to make watching your favourite films and TV shows even more fun! For this you can use a set of existing rules or even create your own, just make sure you have the list in front of you while watching, to make sure you remember how many drinks to take, and when! 

The rules are simple, drink when:

  • A specific word/phrase/subject is mentioned
  • A specific action is taken/portrayed 
  • A certain character appears on screen
  • Certain cinematic effects/themes are used (e.g. the movie theme music plays, bad CGI is used, the camera pans suddenly)

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Strip Pong

Want to spice up you drinking game while also adding in some humour? Strip Pong is thee perfect way to do just that! Inspired by everyone's favourite American drinking game, this version adds a sexy twist to your traditional game. This version comes with a spinner that has a choice of instructions, depending on where the arrow lands! Every time your partner manages to successfully land the ball in your drink, you must spin the spinner to decide you fate! 

The instructions are:

  • Strip Teaser
  • Double Down
  • Switch Sides
  • Party Pooper
  • Doggy Style
  • No Touching
  • Risky Business
  • Pole Dance 

The game comes with 14 beer pong cups, 2 balls, a strip spinner and instructions on how to play. Buy it for only £8.25 here!

Alphabet Memory Game

This is another game that can be altered by making your own rules or setting a unique theme. Simply tell a story or create a list, alternating between both players for each new letter of the alphabet!

  • Start by setting the scene! Either use an introductory sentence (I went to the shop to by a ____) or set a theme, such as films/food/songs for example, the more specific you are, the harder it will be.
  • This can be played as a memory game, a knowledge game or both! If it's simply a knowledge game, you will alternate between each person for every letter. If it's a memory game, the players must also remember their previous answers as well as those of the other player, adding a new word/title to the list on each turn.
  • Everyone someone makes a mistake (e.g. they forget the list or can't think of an answer), they must take a drink! 

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