Beer pong with prosecco

We love Beer Pong, we really do, but sometimes an evening may call for a game with, well, a little more…sophistication. To fix this pong problem, we believe we have found the perfect solution!

That’s right, Beer Bong with Prosecco has arrived to take the world by storm! Now we can get overly competitive and work on our throwing technique over some prosecco. Of course, the premise is exactly the same, each team’s goal is to make the other team drink copious amounts of alcohol, but at least now we can feel fancy doing it.

If this gets you bubbling with excitement, you can purchase any of our Beer Pong sets to get started. Obviously, the golden ingredient to Posh Prosecco Pong is the right booze, but the pong set itself is your choice. Either way, you’ll be adding a touch of sophistication at any party with this glamorous game! We personally recommend our Party Beer Pong, as not only can it include the bubbly prosecco, each dunked pong ball comes with a forfeit card - making it all the more daringly fun. 


How to play Posh Pong

Set the cups out in a triangular formation at both ends of a long table. You should have 4 cups at the back, 3 cups in the next row, 2 cups after that and one cup at the front. 

Fill a cup with water to wash the prosecco covered pong balls in between turns. Posh Pong needn’t be sticky.

Fill your Beer Pong cup with posh booze. We think this is an improvement on the prosecco flute ourselves, the more prosecco we can fit in the better!

Divide your group into teams. 

Each player must then take it in turns to attempt to throw a pong ball into their opponents prosecco. 

If they manage to get a ball into a cup, the owners of that cup must drink the bubbly contents.

Once the drink is finished, it must not be replaced.

The first team to make the opposing team lose all their cups wins the game! 


Now you have an excuse to play your favourite drinking game no matter what kind of party you are attending! Whether it’s a posh dinner party, or an American-style Frat party, pong has a role to play!

We hope you enjoy playing Posh Pong, just remember to always drink responsibly and be sure to take a break if you feel like you've had enough.


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